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 Pasta di Gragnano

Pasta di Gragnano is a food made from durum wheat semolina and was invented in the first half of the 8th Century in the region around Naples and Gragnano. The production of pasta goes back to the end of the 16th Century, when the first pasta factory was founded as a family business. Until the 17th Century it was a little-known food, but when the Kingdom of Naples was struck by a famine, pasta became a staple due to its nutritive value. The production costs of the "white gold", as pasta was called, was be reduced by the invention of the pressing process through bronze nozzles. The best regions for its production were Gragnano and Naples, because of their ideal microclimate with wind, sun, and the right humidity. Gragnano, with its mills and spring water with the perfect mineral content for the dough and its legendary, even quasi-mystical tradition of manufacturing of pasta, with its streets, where you could walk next to the pasta, which was laid out to dry next to the houses or on the sunny roofs, has been hailed by writers, poets and historians as the "home of the pasta." The city was rebuilt according to the wind direction in the first half of the 19th Century. So the city became a dry place for pasta and people lived in symbiosis with the pasta production and a lot of pasta factories were founded. Gragnano has undergone many changes because of the production of pasta. And together with the environment, the occupations of those men and women living in Gragnano have changed. Those who were formerly kneaders or handled the dough troughs, the "Gramula" or the press, are now engineers, technicians and production managers. But their gestures remain the precise movements of the "Deputato" or the kneader who managed the drying and packaging operations. You can taste the 500 years of experience in the texture of this traditional pasta.

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