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Tumminia- Russulidda- Maiorca: Ancient Sicilian Wheats

Historical Sicilian wheats, among which the timilia (or tummina), Maiorca and Russulidda varieties are cultivated and processed throughout the biologic methods, maintaining intact all the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics. Moreover the absence of OGM, these wheats are milled by stone, in order to allow to preserve the wheats germ, vitamins, mineral salts and proteins that make it a further healthy and easy to digest product. It is very good for the preparation of sweet and salty products and for the pasta. The ancient wheats are nothing but ancient wheat varieties of the past remained still authentic and original, that is to say they haven't received any change by the mankind to improve its yield.

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Pastificio Bossolasco: Artisanal pasta made with durum wheat cultivated in Piedmont.

Spaghetti, penne, trenette: the bronze wire drawing which gives pasta the right roughness and porosity which allows it to bind with the sauce better. The drying phase allows the qualities of each format to fix better: every format has its specific time, way and temperature. As nature which takes 9 months to take durum wheat to maturation, in the same way the artisanal processing of pasta is not hurry. Only slowness can protect all the raw material properties. So the short pastas wait patiently on wooden frames, the long ones are hung until they're ready to reach the best pasta shops or cooked by the best chefs to donate a unique taste experience.

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Artisanal Pasta Manufacturing Campo "Campo's Pasta is exclusively prepared using Sicilian durum wheat semolina and water"

The Artisanal Pasta Manufacturing Campo producles, using the best Sicilian durum wheat, durum wheat semolina pasta drawn in bronze and making it dry slowly at low temperature. Through the will to create a products which inspires to the ancient local recipes, the company, in a full artisanal manner, assure a great quality maintaining the taste of pasta as it is made by our grandparents, even if guaranteeing the requisite required by the alimentary disciplinary. The Artisanal Pasta Manufacturing Campo produces the beast varieties of local traditional pasta as the caserecce, gnoccoli, busiate and aneletti palermitani.

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Pastificio Setaro: An heritage of art, culture and ancient rites safeguarded since 1939

Pastificio Setaro drying artisanal method maintains intact the organoleptic properties of pasta, guaranteeing the original taste. Rigatoni and Lumaconi for oven stuffings, Strozzapreti, Capricci, Fiorentini and Nodi Marini for prestigious sauces, Ruote and Permanenti for pasta salads, Fresine, Spaghetti and Calamarata for the fish based sauces, Taccole for the chickpea and Mix Pasta for the beans mix. The available shapes and innumerable. The choice is essentially bound to the sauces used and the seasonal vegetables.

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Pasta Bossolasco: From the seeds to the packaging within the agricultural company estate

All the wheat used to make our pasta is grown on our own land in Savigliano, near Cuneo. A land geared towards agricultre, which transmits its goodness to every product grown in its soil. The choice of raw material is the secret to achieve an excellent product. For this reason the Bossolasco family went down to the fields, literally, selecting three different varieties of high-quality durum wheat. Our methods of cultivation unite tradition and modernity while respecting the environment. We achieve the right semolina blend with high organoleptic properties from a diverse and complementary mix of three tasty types of wheat. levante grain LEVANTE The first type of durum wheat we selected is a mid-late season variety, which is cold hardy, disease resistent and strong, like the local people. Thanks to the high protein content, the gluten quality and a good yellow colour, we can obtain the perfect semolina for the production of a pasta which holds its shape when cooked... odisseo grain ODISSEO A variety of mid-season durum wheat with a high tiller density (development of new shoots). We chose it because, like a good labourer, its output is steady and plentiful and offers a good protein and gluten content. sy cysco grain SY CYSCO A early-mid season durum wheat, which grows particularly well in northern Italian territories. Its rich, golden spikes have excellent protein content and gluten quality characteristics, which makes this the perfect cereal to complete our quality selection.

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SFOGLIA PER LASAGNE, does this pasta have to be boiled, or is it the horrid stuff you put straight into the over?
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User: Claire Holtey ( 11/12/2017)
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cooking instructions
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User: ( 02/08/2017)
Category/Topic Tagliatelle - Gluten Free Pasta - Pastificio Caponi

Is it possible to purchase the grain before milled?
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User: Susan Arnold ( 16/04/2017)
Category/Topic Whole grain Tumminia wheat quadrucci - Fastuchera


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